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Looking after your baby’s teeth

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Many parents attend the Practice when their child’s first baby tooth appears, mainly for reassurance through baby’s teething period. Sometimes this can be up to 8 months after birth! At Purity we are passionate about delivering a family-friendly service for life, so we advise all our pregnant patients to register new-borns straight away.

We recommend a short appointment with all new patients, whatever age. During the appointment, we may do a brief examination of the gums and mouth to ensure everything is healthy. The main aim is to allow baby to become familiar with sounds and smells in the surgery and become familiar with all our friendly dentists.  We hope that this way, as they grow, coming to the dentist will become second nature.

As well as the clinical aspects of the appointment our role is to give age-appropriate advice to develop a healthier lifestyle. This may involve things such as; diet, oral hygiene and information concerning teething. If the baby is your first child, you may feel like you’ve been plunged into the deep end- we are here to reassure and help you maintain a happy, healthy baby.

Common Questions:

Do I need to buy a toothbrush for my baby?

As soon as the first baby tooth peeps through the gum it’s time to buy baby’s first toothbrush. We recommend one with soft nylon bristles and a small head and to change regularly, about every three months.

What kind of toothpaste is best for my baby?

Look for a toothpaste made for babies and containing around 1000ppm fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay. Check the labels on the back of the tube to make sure its age appropriate.

How should I brush my baby’s teeth?

Brush with small, gentle circular movements, concentrating on the area where the teeth and gums meet. Remember that during teething, your baby’s gums will feel tender, so try to be gentle. Try not to apply too much toothpaste to brush as baby will not be able to spit out effectively- a thin smear should be plenty.

If you can, let your baby watch you brushing your teeth as often as possible. This will help him to get used to the idea. If you need any further information on this topic, feel free to call us on: 01384 252387