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Emergency Out of Hours Service

NHS Out of Hours

If you have a dental emergency and require urgent advice or assistance that cannot wait until the practice reopens, please call the Emergency Dental Service on 01384 213 735.

This service is only available from Monday to Friday, between 6.30pm till 9pm and 9am till 12pm on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

If you are unsure whether your treatment is urgent please call NHS 111 for advice.


Private Out of Hours

Alternatively you may call our Private Emergency Dental Service. This service is available from Monday-Friday 6pm-9.30pm and Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am-9pm. The cost of this service including callout charge, assessment and treatment on the day is £200. Please call 07955 187 457 to access this service



It is useful to know what constitutes a Dental Emergency:

Serious Pain
Should you suffer from serious dental pain it is important to seek qualified dental advice quickly as this pain can signify a dental infection or other problem which will require prompt treatment.

A swelling in your mouth or on the face or neck should be examined promptly by your dentist. Often a swelling can be caused by an underlying infection and can be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, redness, fever or a general feeling of being unwell.

Should you be involved in an incident which causes an injury to your mouth or teeth, it is important to obtain the opinion of a dentist as soon as possible.

The above list is not comprehensive and it is always better to get in contact with us if you have concerns rather than to wait and see if the situation improves on its own.