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Do you get butterflies just thinking about visiting your dentist?

Dental fear and phobia are very common.  You are not alone, in fact, one in ten people in the UK experience such a high degree of fear of the dentist that they put off seeking routine treatment. That means the chances are some of your family and friends experience dental fear or phobia, too.

At Purity, our team is understanding of the needs you have as a nervous dental patient and we don’t believe it needs to be a barrier to treatment or good oral health.

In our experience, the most popular way for nervous patients to get treatment is to use conscious sedation. This involves the controlled delivery of sedative drugs, which quickly induce feelings of deep relaxation and peace.

As the name suggests with conscious sedation you won’t be asleep. This means you can cooperate with any instructions your dentist gives you, to make treatment easier. However, you will be very relaxed, and most importantly will not experience any pain. Most people have little recollection of what happened during treatment. Conscious sedation can be used for all manner of dental procedures, so whatever causes your anxiety, it will help you to get any treatment you need so that you are soon back to on track to stabilising your oral health.

At Purity, our aim is to work with you to find ways that we can prevent treatment being necessary including advice on diet and brushing.  We will also use the sedation appointments to help you gain confidence with dentistry which will help you to feel more comfortable if any treatment is required in the future.